Style Guide For The Male Student


With the exception of the most archaic depictions of student life, very few people will bother to attend their lectures be-decked in a blazer or suit and tie combination. Instead, the contemporary student is much more likely to find themselves clothed in the most casual of items and it is not rare for old hoodies and jogging pants to be the outfit of choice for many regardless of whether they are lounging around their student accommodation, attending a seminar or grabbing a quick drink in the student union. Both of these options are sartorial faux pas; whilst wearing a blazer can make one look plummy or old-fashioned, there is no need to dress like you don’t care or don’t own any clothes. Whilst funds are tight during the academic years, it does not mean that a student should sacrifice style – in fact it is quite easy to avoid poor whilst sticking to a budget.

What Do You Actually Need?

The first thing to do when determining a wardrobe is to make a list of essential clothing you will need and prune all items that are aesthetically offensive or hideous. Many of the least appealing clothes are also amongst the most expensive too – making sure that investments are not made in these areas means funds can be spent elsewhere meaning both an upgrade in wardrobe and extra funds to spend on books, stationary or, if you so desire, on a night out. The aforementioned hoodies and jogging pants should never been worn outside the comfort of one’s own abode which means there is no need to buy branded versions of these items; simply shop for comfortable variations that can be worn around the house – there’s no such thing as “smart” or “cool” comfort clothes so don’t look to spend your money as if they fulfilled this criteria. Instead of jogging pants, consider coloured trousers are particularly in style this season. Although they can be hard to wear with other garments, a bit of co-ordination can make them as ideal for smart occasions as they are for more informal ones.

Shoes and Trousers

Shoes are an area many modern men, including students, particularly struggle with. Uggs and Crocs are both eyesores which are both relatively expensive for what they are. A comfortable pair of trainers are fine for those who have no real desire to be considered stylish; the default style choice of jeans and running shoes employed by many young men is one of the least flattering of modern fashion. It is advisable to invest in a smarter pair of shoes which can be worn for more formal occasions as well as giving off a stylish vibe around campus. Brogues are comfortable enough to wear on daily basis and, if kept in good condition, can double up as default footwear for part-time job interviews, nights out and formal events such as the University ball. Oxford lace-up shoes are an excellent alternative too.

Versatility Is The Key

Clearing out any denim aside from jeans is also a necessity – denim shirts and jackets are incredibly dated and should be replaced by lighter items. Cardigans are a perfect layering alternative to denim jackets and have been adopted with zeal by those looking to add a bit of geek chic to their image as well as by fashion icons such as David Beckham. Satchels, also once formerly an item of choice for geek style, has been appropriated into mainstream fashion and makes a great alternative to rucksacks or sports bags. The best rule of thumb for deciding which clothes to wear, however, is to make sure that each item you buy can be worn in a number of combinations so as to cut down on overall costs. This means, rather than paying over the odds for a bright branded hoodie which really should not be worn outside the dormitory and would suit nothing, a cardigan which can be used equally as part of a going out ensemble, as part of an outfit to attend a lecture in and even to wear around the house would be much more preferable. By purchasing clothes that can be worn for three different occasions, a student can save money and, even better, look great whilst doing so.

Kieron Casey is a fashion writer who remembers some of his least appealing outfits in his college years. He recomends a pair of pinstripes and brogues as a staple of all wardrobes.